COVID-19 is not only affecting lives, it is also going to have a major affect on businesses. Most small and medium size businesses do not have an effective contingency plan.

Now it is time top plan for the future and put a disaster recovery plan in place. Whether you go for a simple plan or use ISO 22301 – business continuity management system to design and implement a certified system, you should put a system in place. I can help.

Remember disasters can happen at any time – whether it is theft, fire or a major event like the lockdown. If you don’t have a disaster recovery or continuity plan, there is a good chance your recovery will be slow or you may not recover at all. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable and many don’t survive a major disaster.

Just think about it:

  • Where are your employees and where do they work from?
  • How long will it take for insurance to pay out?
  • If you have to start over, how long will it take?
  • And how much business will you loose?